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Car Diffusers are the perfect and a simple way to add a arome to your car, caravan, wardrobes or small areas.


Patchouli soothe your mind and body with the rich, woody, grounding scent of earthy Patchouli.


Benefits of Essential Oil:

Patchouli - Grounding, Stabilising

Bottle Size: H 5 cm x W 2.7 cm
Qty: 10 mls

Patchouli - Essential Oil Car Diffuser

  • Turn the bottle upside down to allow
    the liquid to soak into the cork.  
    Liquid diffuses up into the absorbent
    cork and out into the air. Turn bottle to Refresh.

  • Warning

    Make sure lid is on securely before TURNING over. Wipe all spills immediately.Contents may damage soft plastics and other surfaces. Diffuser liquid may absorb into the rope & pass the bead.Liquid may leak in hot conditions.Please be aware of what is hanging from. Keep out of reach from children. NOT to be hung from your rear view mirror.

    Colour of oil may differ from the photo

    Colour of oil may differ from the photo

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